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How To Get Rid Of Stains On Floor: During the corona pandemic, we have to do the housework ourselves. In such a situation, we remain alert day and night for the cleanliness of the floor. However, if there is an old stain on the floor of the house and it does not go away even after cleaning, then we make every effort to remove them. But there are many stains that do not remove even after wiping repeatedly and we feel disappointed. If something similar is happening to you and you are looking for some home tips to remove these stubborn stains So here we have come up with a very easy way to help you. Let us know what you can do to remove floor stains.

1. Use Vinegar Like This

If you have tiled floors in your house, then to remove stains and stains on them, take two spoons of detergent powder in a bowl and add 4 spoons of vinegar to it. Now spread it well on the stained area and rub it after 5 minutes. After that wipe it off with clean water. If the stains are still not removed, then believe that if you clean this method twice a week, then these stains will also go away.

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2. Use Toothpaste and Dish Wash

You can use toothpaste and dish wash to remove the stain. Wherever there is a stain on the floor, first sprinkle vinegar and leave it with dish wash. Now apply toothpaste there and rub the floor with the help of a brush. The stains will go away.

3.Use Hydrogen Peroxide Solution for Stubborn Stains

Add two spoons of hydrogen peroxide solution to two spoons of baking powder and mix well. Drop this paste on the stained area on the floor and rub it with the help of a brush. Now wipe it off with a cloth. The yellowness of the floor will disappear. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)

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