Nepal lays diversion net on the banks of Kali river, India is facing huge loss – News18

Pithoragarh. Nepal may be a smaller nation than India, but it looks very serious about the security of the border. Nepal has laid a network of diversion along with embankments on the banks of Kali River in Pithoragarh. Due to which the flow of Kali river is moving towards India. The result is that every day some or the other part of India is decreasing. Wherever the overflowing Kali river goes, it creates havoc. Nepal has built embankments to protect its border from the strong flow of the Kali river. Not only this, Nepal has also made many diversions to change the direction of the river. Nepal has completely protected itself from the upper part of Dharchula to Taleshwar in the border adjacent to India. Due to the construction of embankments, now the flow of Kali river has come completely towards India. The situation is such that the black river is swallowing the land of India every moment. Shalu Datal, a local journalist of Nepal Border Dharchula, says that during the rainy days, due to the rapid flow of the river, the Indian land is cut continuously.

In the disaster of 2013, the Kali river caused havoc on both India and Nepal. But Nepal, taking lessons from that devastation, has laid a web of diversion along the embankments across the border. India also started the work of building embankments in some selected areas after 2013, but most of the embankments built without neglecting the quality have been covered in black. Due to the absence of a strong security wall on the international border, where India’s land is decreasing, there is also a danger for the Indians living in these areas.

May our land be completely safe
Pithoragarh DM Anand Swarup says that the Home Ministry has been informed about this. Also, a proposal to build a strong embankment on the banks of the Kali river has been sent to the state government. Nepal is more active than India in the border areas of Uttarakhand. Along with the communication service, Nepal is also two steps ahead of India regarding the security of its land. In such a situation, now India also needs to pay serious attention to these areas, so that our land can be completely safe.

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