Raj Kumar not only in name but in reality also lived life like Prince, the shooting of ‘Neelkamal’ was stopped when…

Mumbai: The film ‘Neel Kamal’, starring veteran actors of the Hindi film industry, Raj Kumar, Waheeda Rehman, Manoj Kumar and Balraj Sahni, is one of the classic films. The song of this film ‘Babul Ki Duain Leti Ja’ still makes people emotional on the farewell of a girl. Apart from this, ‘Aaja Tujhko Pukare Mera Pyaar’, ‘Mere Rom-Rom Mein Base Wale Ram’ are also one of the evergreen songs.

Directed by Ram Maheshwari, ‘Neelkamal’ is the story of a sleepy girl who is related to her previous birth. Veteran actor Raj Kumar played the role of a sculptor in this film while Waheeda Rehman was in a double role. Played the character of both the births. There is an anecdote related to the shooting of this film. Raj Kumar had to wear jewelery in the film. Very stubborn and known for doing films on his own terms, Raj Kumar got angry when he noticed that the jewelery he was wearing was fake. Raj Kumar told the film makers that if I wear it, otherwise I will not shoot if I don’t wear real jewellery.

The producers and directors bowed down to this insistence of Raj Kumar. The shooting of the film was stalled till the real jewelry arrived, because in those days everything was not available all the time. Well the makers ordered the original jewelery and Raj Kumar wore it with full gusto and gave a shot. In this way the shooting of the film progressed.

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Apart from his strong acting and dialogue delivery in the Hindi film industry, Raj Kumar, famous not only by name, but also in real life, was no less than a stubborn ‘Rajkumar’. There are thousands of stories related to his habits, which people often remember. Let us tell you that in the 40s, Raj Kumar used to be a sub-inspector in the police department, not an actor. In 1952, he stepped into the acting world with the film ‘Rangeli’ and gradually dominated the cine world.

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