Sawan 2021: Decorate hands and feet like this, see new designs

Sawan 2021 Alta Designs: The auspicious month of Sawan is starting from Friday, July 23. In Sawan, where trees and plants look very green due to rain, women and women also do 16 makeup. In Sawan, women decorate their hands and feet with Mehndi and Alta. Actually, in the process of sixteen makeup, the makeup from the head to the feet is done. Most of the women like to decorate their hands with mehndi. But when it comes to the make-up of the feet, women wear anklets and nettles as well as apply alata and sometimes mehndi on the feet. Alata is also called Mahavar in many places. Alta’s fashion is very old, as people are becoming modern, in the same way a change is being seen in the designs of Alata. (all images: instagram/altadesigns)

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