Blue Origin Rocket Launch LIVE: Jeff Bezos’ space tour countdown begins

New Delhi. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has returned to Earth after traveling to space with three of his companions. Bezos has promoted this moment to promote space tourism. This is the first time that civil passengers were sent to space through a private rocket at their own expense. According to Indian time, the take-off time was 6.30 pm. This spacecraft has returned to Earth shortly before. This is also the first time that a human has been aboard a spacecraft built by Blue Origin, the private space company of the founder of Amazon.

This also happened for the first time that a human being was boarded aboard a spacecraft built by Blue Origin, the private space company of the founder of Amazon. Blue Origin had previously sent 15 successful unmanned missions to space. Bezos was accompanied by three other people on this flight, who were part of the New Shepherd crew. These included Bezos’ brother Mark Bezos, an 82-year-old pilot and aviation security investigator Wally Funk, and 18-year-old Oliver Damon. Every update on Jeff Bezos’ space travel can be seen LIVE here-

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Elon Musk wishes
Elon Musk has wished Jeff Bezos and his fellow travelers all the best for their journey to space. Musk tweeted “Best of luck tomorrow!” commented. This entire journey of Bezos was live streamed 90 minutes before take-off. It can be viewed on and The flight of Bezos’s company Blue Origin was arranged to take off from a remote location in West Texas in the US. The Texas Department of Transportation had already made preparations to close State Highway 54.

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