Delhi: BSES will buy electricity at a cheaper price, a 25-year agreement with SECI

New Delhi. Reliance Infrastructure-led BSES Discoms today entered into an agreement with SECI i.e. Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) for 510 MW renewable energy. Out of 510 MW green energy, 300 MW will be solar power and 210 MW will be hybrid power.

Hygrid power is, in fact, a mixture of solar energy and wind energy, in which at least 33 percent of the energy from each of the two sources of energy must be mixed. BSES has tied up with SECI for 25 years. After 18 months of the agreement, SECI will start receiving solar and hybrid power.

The special thing is that this electricity will be available to BSES at very cheap rates. Solar power will be available at the rate of Rs 2.44 per unit, while Hygrid power will be available at the rate of Rs 2.48 per unit. It is noteworthy that at present the average rate of power purchase is about Rs.

Under this agreement, BRPL will get 320 MW of power, of which 210 MW will be solar power and 110 MW will be hybrid power. At the same time, BYPL will get 190 MW of power from this agreement, in which 90 MW will be solar power and 100 MW will be hybrid power. With this, Reliance Infrastructure-led BSES has become the first in Delhi and among the few companies in the country to purchase Hybrid Power.

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What is Hybrid Power In hybrid power, the plants of two sources of electricity i.e. solar and wind power will be installed at the same place. The electricity of these two plants will mix together and go to the grid of BSES. The special thing is that this electricity will go to the grid only from the currently available network. For this, there will be no need to install a separate network, line etc.

Usually, different types of special networks have to be installed to move different types of energy to the grid. But hybrid energy is a technology in which both solar energy and wind energy will go from the same network to the grid. There will be no need to install any separate network, wire etc. This will not put the burden of unnecessary expenditure on the consumers.

Apart from this, the load on the transmission lines will also be better managed. Because solar energy is generated only during the day whereas wind energy is generated round the clock.

The average cost of electricity purchase is about five and a half rupees per unit
The rates at which BSES has entered into a 25-year agreement for purchase of renewable energy will prove to be very beneficial for the consumers. It is worth mentioning that at present, the average cost of power purchase is around Rs. Whereas, BSES has entered into a long-term agreement for the purchase of renewable energy at the rate of less than Rs 2.5 per unit.

That is, a saving of around Rs 3 per unit. Since, power distribution is a regulated operation. Therefore, consumers will get the benefit of this savings because if the power purchase cost of the discoms comes down, then it will have a positive effect on the determination of electricity rates for the consumers.

Wind power helps meet peak night demand
It is worth noting that in Delhi, electricity consumption reaches its highest level twice in 24 hours. Once in the day and the other time at night. Wind power/wind power is generated round the clock, which will help BSES to meet the peak power demand during the night.

Solar energy can be produced only during the day, whereas wind energy is usually produced round the clock in coastal areas. Hence, BSES is also giving importance to wind power in its power portfolio to help it meet the peak night demand.

According to a spokesperson of Reliance Infrastructure-led BSES, Reliance Infrastructure-led BSES understands the importance of sustainable development/sustainable growth and the role of renewable energy in it. This is the reason why BSES has been procuring renewable energy from all available sources, at low prices, so that the consumer is least burdened. This agreement is a continuation of these efforts of BSES. This is yet another significant effort to provide green and clean electricity to the consumers of Delhi.

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