Kitchen Hacks: Dirty Fridge Will Be Glowing In Minutes, How To Clean It

Kitchen Hacks Fridge Cleaning Tips: The chances of getting sick increases manifold during the monsoon season. To stay away from diseases, it is important that you take great care of cleanliness. Especially the cleanliness of kitchen and food items is very important. A little carelessness can make your whole family sick. One such very important thing is the cleaning of the fridge. We keep everything we eat and drink in the fridge. In such a situation, if the refrigerator is not cleaned from time to time, then bacteria can easily grow in the food. Sometimes the fridge becomes so dirty that it starts smelling. In such a situation, cleaning of the fridge should be done at the right time. Here we tell you how you can clean the fridge very easily. So let’s know what is the best way to clean the fridge.

how to clean fridge

Before cleaning the refrigerator, empty it completely and switch it off. Keep all vegetables and fruits outside in a ventilated place.

Lay a thick cloth and paper under the fridge. Now de-frost your fridge. With this the water coming out of the fridge will not spread and the floor will remain clean.

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Now take out all the trays in the fridge and wash them thoroughly, after drying, put them in the fridge.

If the fridge smells bad, then mix baking soda or lemon juice in a bowl and wipe the inside walls with it.

Use lukewarm water to clean the fridge. Put some warm water in a bowl and add salt to it and clean the fridge thoroughly with the help of a cloth.

After wiping, leave the fridge open for an hour.

If there is a stain somewhere, then you clean it with liquid soap.

Now take out all the trays in the fridge and wash them thoroughly, after drying, put them in the fridge.
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Never keep garlic uncovered in the fridge. Its smell can spread in the fridge.

Keep all the food items closed.

– If the smell is still coming from the fridge, then clean it with white vinegar. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing these, related Contact an expert.)

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