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New Delhi. Driving supplies, whether it is essential goods or any other items that need to be carried over long distances, should be as worry-free as possible. With the Tata brand and some great features, the Tata Ace Gold series of mini trucks narrow our search for the perfect transport carrier that lives up to its promise of ‘three companions of success, three gold wale elephants’. Let’s understand why you should choose one of these for yourself if you are involved in any type of transportation business or delivery.

amazing features
The BS6 variant of the new Tata Ace Gold offers better power and pickup than BS4. Ace Gold Diesel comes with 20HP (versus 16HP in BS4) and Ace Gold CNG, 26HP (as against 21HP in BS4). A new option that has joined BS6, the Ace Gold Petrol, comes with 30HP. Not just that, the BG6 variant, thanks to the sturdier chassis and leaf spring suspension, helps with higher volume loading. This makes it easy to carry a lot of stuff in one go and you get more profit. The Ace Gold Diesel has a load capacity of 750 kg, Petrol (710 in BS4) and 640 kg in CNG (625 in BS4).

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The Ace Gold vehicles come equipped with gear shift advisor and eco (petrol only) switches, which give higher mileage than other vehicles in its class and reduce your worries, despite the rising petrol prices. Due to the improved steering wheel and comfortable ABC pedals, long journeys have become easier. Its digital cluster also helps the customer to understand his vehicle in detail.

Other features worth noting include a brake booster that stabilizes braking for added driving safety, reduced travel time, with comfortable footing and good driving speed, to Ace Gold mini-trucks. A must buy to meet any need related to transportation.

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low maintenance cost
The maintenance cost of Tata Ace Gold is very affordable. It comes with a warranty of two years or 72,000kms, which means it covers you up to an astonishing 100kms per day. Its wide service network and cheap spare parts are added bonuses that come with buying the Tata Ace Gold.

easy to finance
Keeping the interests of the consumers in mind, Tata Ace Gold mini trucks are available with great offers and finance schemes. Also, due to the very affordable acquisition cost of Rs 4.60 lakhs, your rate of return is almost certain to increase faster than before.

Tata trust
Buying Tata Ace Gold means that you are in the safe hands of the Tata Motors group, which has a huge legacy in the commercial vehicle segment as well as pioneers the space market. By buying this, you will also become a part of the best selling mini truck brand in India, along with another 23 lakh happy owners.

Choose your preferred option
Tata Ace Gold is available across all models, be it petrol, diesel or CNG. Tata Ace Gold Petrol comes with a starting price tag of Rs 4.69 lakh, it offers benefits in the form of fast pickup, simple technology and economical maintenance. The starting price of the Tata Ace Gold Diesel is Rs. 5.60 lakhs, which is known for great earnings, cost-effective maintenance and good resale value. The other option is the Tata Ace Gold CNG, which starts at Rs 5.63 lakh, which offers benefits like maximum fuel economy, easy maintenance and a 2520mm long body.

By buying any of the Tata Ace Gold alternatives, you can save more than Rs 25,000 per month. What can be more gratifying than having a mini-truck in your premises, which assures you of making profits month after month.

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