Passengers please take note! Now enjoy the AC economy class at the expense of the sleeper, seats will be like this

New Delhi. There is a good news for railway passengers. In the coming days, they will be able to enjoy traveling in AC economy class in trains in sleeper class fare. Actually, Indian Railways is busy these days in upgrading its old coaches. During the lockdown, the Indian Railways has started revamping the trains. Due to which the Indian Railways is all set to introduce AC economy class in trains soon. This will be a new class for traveling by train in India. A total of 27 coaches have been given to economy class coaches in several zones of Indian Railways. These new AC-economy coaches will be first linked with Duronto trains under Western Railway and trains running in other parts of the country. Economy class coaches can have 72 berths, while the existing AC-3 has 83 berths. At present, Railway Bird is in the process of fixing the fare for this class.

Railway Ministry will take a formal decision on rent
Indian Railways believes that the fare for this economic class should be kept as much as those who usually buy sleeper ie non AC tickets. Although most people are in favor of keeping its fare equal to third AC. According to officials, the matter has been pending since May. The Railway Ministry can soon formally take a decision on its fare.

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Separate bay will be made for extra berths
The new AC-Economy class design is believed to be an upgrade over the non-AC sleeper class. It will be almost the same as the AC-3 tier. In this, a separate bay will be made for the extra berth. Meanwhile, a report has also said that the AC economy class can be named 3E. So that there is convenience while making reservation. Let us tell you that a decade ago AC economy class was introduced in Garib Rath trains, but it did not prove to be successful. The reason for this was that extra middle berths were installed in it to carry more and more people. So it did not prove to be comfortable. However later this class was removed.

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such seats will be
This time, specially AC economy class coaches have been prepared in Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala. The coaches have been made modular so that passengers do not face any difficulty in traveling. It also has a foldable snack table, water bottle, magazine and mobile phone storage space. Reading lights, mobile charging point and standard socket are also fitted with each berth.

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