This multibagger stock made investors rich! 1 lakh became 5 lakh in one year, know how?

New Delhi: In the last one year, many stocks have given huge returns to the investors. Shareholders have got more than 100% return. If you are also planning to invest, then you can add such stocks to your portfolio. If you look at the list of Multibagger stocks 2021 in the Indian market, it includes all types of smallcap and midcap stocks. Today we will tell you about such a stock, which has converted one lakh rupees of investors into 5 lakhs in the last one year.

Goodluck India shares is a multibagger stock. It has made its investors rich. The stock of the engineering company has given returns of about 400 per cent to its shareholders in the last one year. A year ago this stock was trading at Rs 39.05 on NSE. At the same time, today the price of this share has reached Rs 194.90.

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10 percent upper circuit
Goodluck India Share has become a milking cow for the shareholders within a year. Yesterday on 19th July 2021, the share price of Goodluck India reached its upper circuit of 10 per cent, while in the last 5 trading sessions, the stock of Goodluck India has jumped more than 31 per cent.

Shares up 81 percent in one month
Goodluck India’s share price has risen more than 81 per cent in the last one month, while its return has been around 157 per cent in the last six months. However, when we look at the returns of the last one year of Goodluck India shares, it is around 400 per cent. This stock has made staggering profits to the investors. The stock has given four times returns to its shareholders in the last one year.

1 lakh became 5 lakh in a year
If an investor had invested 1 lakh over the counter a month ago, then his 1 lakh would have become 1.81 lakh as on today. If the investor had invested 1 lakh six months back, his 1 lakh would have become 2.57 lakh. However, if the investor had invested 1 lac a year ago and had remained stock throughout the year, then 1 lac would have become 5 lac in this period.

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Know what is the opinion of experts?
Ravi Singhal, Vice Chairman, GCL Securities said, “It is an engineering company and it has moved up sharply after breaking out at Rs 150 per stock level. One should not buy over the counter at current levels and correction Apart from this, buy in 150 to 175 range for a target of 275 to 350. However, Singhal strongly advises investors to maintain stop loss at 120 while taking positions in engineering counter.

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