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New Delhi. The initial public offering (IPO) seems to have been fought. One after the other companies are launching IPO. Now the name of Baba Ramdev’s Ayurveda company Patanjali (Patanjali) is also going to be added in this episode. Baba Ramdev is going to bring Patanjali IPO soon. Baba had already indicated about this, but now according to an interview given to ET, a decision can be taken by the end of this year regarding Patanjali IPO.

Know what Baba Ramdev said?
Yoga guru Swami Ramdev has no plans to launch Patanjali IPO this year, but a decision can be taken by the end of the current financial year. Baba Ramdev has said in the interview that we will soon decide on Patanjali’s IPO. Will have to wait a bit for this. A decision regarding Patanjali IPO can be taken by the end of this financial year. He also said that these days he is busy meeting various institutional investors ahead of Ruchi Soya’s Rs 4,300 crore follow-on public offer (FPO).

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Know what is Baba’s plan?
The yoga guru said the initial investor response to the Ruchi Soya issue has been strong and he would ensure that the pricing of the upcoming offering is in the best interest of all existing and potential shareholders. Ramdev said that potential investors in Ruchi Soya can be happy with the fact that the company is aiming to transform itself into a leading FMCG company (FMCG). At the same time, he said that we will ensure that the size of the commodity business also increases. Especially want to increase the edible oil business.

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What is the turnover of Patanjali?

In the financial year 2021, Ramdev’s Patanjali did a business of more than Rs 30,000 crore. Out of this, Ruchi Soya contributed Rs 16,318 crore to the sales. Sales in FY20 stood at Rs 25,000 crore, of which Rs 13,117 crore was contributed by Ruchi Soya.

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