Boycott campaign of Chinese products starts from today, preparing to give a blow of one lakh crores

New Delhi. The second phase of the boycott campaign of Chinese products started last year is being started again from today. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) today launched a campaign to boycott Chinese goods across the country with the slogan ‘Indian goods – our pride’. In which a target has been set to reduce the import of goods manufactured in China into India by one lakh crore by December 2021.

CAIT says that this campaign will prove to be an important step towards making Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call of local for vocal and self-reliant India successful. CAIT General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal said that in this phase, common items like FMCG products, everyday items, grocery, footwear, toys, kitchen appliances, crockery, gift items, furnishing fabrics, which are still imported from China, should be completely boycotted. is planned.

Khandelwal said that these items imported from China are being produced in India for a long time. In such a situation, Indian businessmen and buyers will be requested to sell and buy Indian products instead of Chinese goods. At the same time, BC Bhartia said that there are broadly four types of goods imported from China into India, which include finished goods ie finished goods, raw materials ie raw materials, spare parts and technical products.

Imports from China increased by 3500 percent in 20 years

2001 The import of Chinese goods into India was only $2 billion which has now increased to $70 billion which means that in just 20 years there has been an increase of 3500 percent in imports from China. This clearly shows that under a well thought out strategy, China is trying to capture India’s retail market, which the traders and citizens of India will not allow to succeed in any way.

Overtaking China will increase Indian small scale industries

Bhartia and Khandelwal said that in the last ten years, India’s trade and industry ignored the increasing interference of Chinese goods in India and did not try to create any substitute for these goods. Along with this, the governments also failed in this matter and could not understand China’s intentions to capture India’s trade. Due to which no policy was made regarding options in the country. Now this issue is understood and talks will be started with the government regarding the issues of making Indian goods in sufficient quantity as a strong alternative to Chinese products, as well as under a strategy, India’s small scale industries will be required in this matter. Prosperity initiatives will be taken.

Eight crore traders will join this campaign

More than 40 thousand business organizations and 8 crore traders associated with them will participate in the campaign launched. Under this campaign, a massive public awareness campaign will be launched among the traders and customers. The first contact of 138 crore people of the country is with any merchant’s shop across the country, in such a situation, the traders will also give the message of boycott of Chinese goods to the customers coming to their shop.

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