Heat the milk in these ways, so it will not come out of the pot after boiling

Milk Boiling Tips: Boiling milk seems to be a big task for many people. The reason is that it has to stand in the kitchen for a long time to boil it. Also milk has to be monitored. By increasing the gas, there is a fear of coming out of the pot when it boils. So on slowing down the gas there remains the fear of burning it. Due to which both hard work and money are wasted. Along with this, some people also complain that when the milk is heated, it sticks to the bottom of the pot and starts burning. Due to this, the smell of burning starts coming in the whole milk. Today we are giving you some such tips by following which you can avoid these problems.

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wet the bottom of the pot

First wet the bottom of the vessel in which you are going to boil milk. For this, take half a cup of water and pour it into the vessel, then swirl it around well. Then boil milk in a vessel. Due to this the milk will not stick in the pot and will not burn.

put a spoon in milk

When you put milk in the pot to boil, then also put a tablespoon in the pot. After this boil the milk, then the milk will not come out of the pot after boiling it.

put a wooden spoon on the pot

In order that the milk does not come out of the pot after boiling, keep a wooden spoon or spatula over the pot while boiling the milk. This will keep steam from coming out of the milk but the milk will not spread out of the pot.

put butter on the pot

To prevent the milk from coming out of the pot after boiling, apply some butter on the sides of the vessel in which the milk is going to be boiled. Also, keep in mind that the butter should stick well around the vessel so that the milk cannot come out from any side when it boils.

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add sodium bicarbonate

You can also use sodium bicarbonate to preserve the milk and prevent it from coming out of the pot during boiling. You have to mix it in milk before boiling it. Even if you forget to keep the milk in the fridge during summer, the milk will not spoil nor will it come out of the pot during boiling. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm. Please contact the concerned expert before following these.)

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