How to Double Money! These 5 Mutual Funds did 1 lakh to 2 lakhs in a year, know how?

New Delhi: At this time if you are planning to invest money in Mutual Funds, then today we will tell you about 5 special funds, which have doubled the money of investors in just one year. You too can earn good returns by investing money in these funds. These funds have given returns of more than 100% in a year. Here the NAV of the funds has been taken till June 30. Let me tell you-

In the Corona era, both the market and mutual funds have given good returns to the investors. The 5 funds that we are telling you today have given investors returns ranging from 125 percent to 112 percent in the last one year.

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1. Kotak Small Cap Fund
Kotak Small Cap Fund has given investors a return of 125 per cent in a year. Its asset base is Rs 4,765 crore and expansion ratio is 0.52 per cent. If you would have invested one lakh rupees here in a year, then your one lakh would have become 2.26 lakh. The minimum investment in this is Rs 5000.

2. BOI AXA Small Cap Fund
BOI AXA Small Cap Fund has given 121% returns in one year. It has an asset base of Rs 158 crore and an expense ratio of 1.18 per cent. If you have invested 1 lakh rupees in this in a year, then today your money would have become about 2.21 lakh.

3. ICICI Pru Small Cap
ICICI Pru Small Cap has a 1-year return of 118% and an asset base of Rs 2,664 crore. Its expansion ratio is 0.79 percent. Here your one lakh rupees has been converted into 2.18 lakhs.

4. Nippon India Small Cap Fund
The 1-year return of Nippon India Small Cap Fund is 116%. It has an asset base of 15353 crores and an expansion ratio of 1.02 per cent. Here the investment of 1 lakh became about 2.16 lakh.

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5. L&T Emerging Businesses Fund
Apart from this, L&T Emerging Businesses Fund has also made huge profit to its investors. This fund has given a return of around 112 per cent. The asset base is 6,860 crores and the expense ratio is 0.84 per cent. In this, the investment of one lakh rupees in the last one year has become about 2.13 lakh. (Source: All Statistics Value Research)

(Disclaimer: Market Investments are subject to market risk. Investors should consult experts before investing. does not advise anyone to invest.)

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