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Sawan 2021 Different Flavors Of Ghevar : You must have eaten Ghevar many times, it is such a sweet dish that is most liked to eat and feed on festivals like Teej, Gudiya and Raksha Bandhan in the month of Sawan. . In the month of Sawan, this sweet is mostly seen in every sweet shop. Which is prepared from maida and milk and it is deep fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. After this, it is garnished with different toppings to give it different flavours. But most people only know about one or two flavors like Plain Ghevar and Dry Fruit Ghevar and buy the same while many of its flavors are present in the market. Come, today we tell you about the many flavors of Ghevar, which you can taste in this month of Sawan.

Surround me

After plain Ghevar and dry fruit Ghevar, you can taste Malai Ghevar in the flavor of Ghevar. It is made with maida, milk, ghee and sugar syrup in the same way as normal Ghevar, but its special thing is that the way it is prepared, it remains half soft and half crispy. After this, a thick layer of cream and mawa is poured over the ghevar. It is then decorated with saffron, cardamom and dry fruits.

Rabri Ghevar

Ghevar is prepared in this flavor and garnished with rabri. Rabri is made in the form of kheer, which is neither too thin nor too thick. Then after decorating the Ghevar with Rabri, it is decorated with jaggery, saffron, dry fruits and silver work.

Chocolate Ghevar

In today’s era, when chocolate flavor is liked in everything, then you can also taste chocolate ghevar in the flavor of Ghevar. Cocoa powder is used in this flavor and garnished with chocolate. If you replace the normal Ghevar with Chocolate Ghevar, then it is the most liked flavor for kids.

Bihari Ghevar

Bihari Ghevar can also give a different test to your tongue. This flavor of Ghevar is a mixture of Jalebi and Ghevar. Its look is also somewhat like jalebi and it is prepared with ingredients like maida, ghee, curd and food colour. After this, saffron, rose petals and dry fruits are used to garnish it.

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