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New Delhi. Be it two-wheeler or four wheeler or commercial vehicle, the indicator has become an essential gadget for all of them. Because without the indicator, it is very difficult to take the turn of the vehicles. At the same time, without an indicator, you cannot even take a turn at night, if your vehicle does not have an indicator, then the chances of accidents increase many times. In such a situation, many people consider the indicator useful only and only for taking turns. But this is not the case at all because apart from the indicator, there are many other uses. About which we are going to tell you today. Let’s know about it….

How to use indicator The indicator is mostly used for taking turns. But due to lack of information, many people misuse it while taking turns. As you have to take a turn, many people switch on the indicator at the same time. Whereas according to traffic rules, the indicator should be turned on at least 10 seconds before taking a turn. So that the vehicle coming from behind can get full chance to recover and it can control its speed. So whenever you use the indicator, turn it on at least 10 seconds before.

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Use of indicator on road side parking – Whenever you park your vehicle on the side on the highway or road, you should turn on both your indicators. So that the driver coming from afar can get an indication that there is a vehicle parked on the side. At the same time, it is very useful at night. Because there are many such parts of highways and roads in the country where there is no proper lighting system. In such a situation, the chances of accidents become almost non-existent.

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Use of indicator in winter and mist – The way there is strong summer in our country, in the same way there is a severe winter. In which due to winter, fog and haze covers many parts of the country for 10 to 15 days. In which it is dangerous to drive the vehicle on the highway and road. In such a situation, you should travel by turning on both your indicators. Due to which the driver coming from behind comes to know that a vehicle is moving ahead.

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