Poonam Pandey’s shocking disclosure about Raj Kundra, said- ‘I was scared, I was getting threats’

New Delhi. At present, a video of actress Poonam Pandey is going viral on social media, in which she is seen making serious allegations against Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra. Let us tell you, Raj Kundra is currently in police custody. Raj was arrested on Monday night by the property cell of Mumbai Crime Branch for making obscene films and publishing them through some apps.

In the video going viral, Poonam Pandey is telling, ‘The threat was that I would have to sign her contract. Whenever he says, he will have to shoot as he says, otherwise he will leak my private things. After I did not, my phone number was leaked on the internet. When I refused to sign the contract, they leaked my phone number with the message ‘Call me now… I’ll strip for you’. He broadcast this message with my personal mobile number.

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He further said, ‘After that, my phone was ringing non stop. I was getting calls from all over the world. Threatening messages were coming. I was not at my house. I had left the house. was hiding. I remember, I had spent a few months at that time in a place called Oran. Spent some time elsewhere. I was just in fear that something would happen to me. The kind of messages I used to get that I know where you are… I was a little scared at that time.

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Poonam further said, ‘Despite the refusal of my lawyers, I am giving this statement that if Raj Kundra can do this to me … I am still a well-known personality … so what about others will be happening. Where is its full stop, it is not possible to judge. That’s why I would request all those girls that you please come out, and if anything like this has happened to you, then you raise your voice. Thank you.’

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