16 turned out to be HIV positive in the health check-up of prisoners lodged in Haldwani Jail, there was a stir

Haldwani. 16 prisoners lodged in Haldwani Jail in Uttarakhand are reported to be HIV positive. The prisoners in whom HIV has been confirmed include 15 male and one female prisoner. After this matter came to the fore, there is a stir between the jail administration and the prisoners in the jail. The prisoners were diagnosed with HIV when their health check-up was done at Sushila Tiwari Hospital. However, 8 of these prisoners already knew that they were HIV positive and were also undergoing treatment. But the remaining 8 prisoners found themselves to be HIV positive in the investigation conducted on 6 July.

AIDS may have been caused by drug injection

According to SK Sukhija, jail superintendent of Haldwani sub-jail, at present, inmates suffering from HIV have been kept along with other prisoners. But special care is being taken of them. Along with this, more nutritious food is being given to eat as per the medical advice. According to the jail superintendent, all the prisoners who have been found HIV positive are undergoing trial and all are lodged in jail under the NDPS Act. Therefore, it is being speculated that the prisoners may have got AIDS due to intoxication injections. Although there has been no official confirmation of this.

There are three times more prisoners in jail

The capacity of Haldwani Jail is to hold 535 prisoners, but almost three times more prisoners are lodged here. At present, 1558 prisoners are lodged in Haldwani Upkara, including 1517 male prisoners and 41 female prisoners and foreigners. In such a situation, the prisoners keep coming in contact with each other in such a packed jail. According to Jail Superintendent SK Sukhija, prisoners are being shifted to other jails.

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