Alia Kashyap spoke for the first time on Papa Anurag Kashyap’s #MeToo allegation, said- ‘I was upset’

Mumbai. bollywood director Anurag Kashyap The daughter of Alia Kashyap remains in the discussion every day. Sometimes about the relationship with her boyfriend and sometimes about her impeccable statement. Recently he met his father Anurag Kashyap. But have spoken openly on the allegations of #MeToo. Alia Kashyap has said that she was upset after her father was misrepresented after #MeToo allegations were leveled against him last year.

According to media reports, in an interview, Alia Kashyap said that those who know her father believe that he is a ‘teddy bear’. Alia says, ‘The #MeToo claims bothered me a lot. His character was portrayed in a wrong way which bothers me. People think he is a bad guy, but ask anyone close to me they will say Papa is the biggest soft teddy bear ever.’

Alia Kashyap Said further that I really worry about this thing, not hate. I know those people who speak such things about them, they do not have anything better to do in life. My father also tries to keep his things away from me because he does not want it to increase my anxiety and I am worried.

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Remind that, recently on Father’s Day, a blog created with his father Anurag was in the news a lot. On this occasion, he had asked his father very frankly that if your daughter tells you that she is pregnant, then what will be your reaction? Responding to this, Anurag had said that ‘I will accept her, I will support her in whatever she does. I will also say that you have to pay a price for that, but still I will be with you.

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