Important news for SBI customers, if this number is saved in mobile then the account will become empty, delete it immediately

New Delhi: There is important news for those who have an account in SBI. If you also have an account in this bank and you have saved this number in your mobile then your account can be completely empty. State Bank of India has given information about this number by sending an alert to the customers. According to SBI’s website, everyone needs to be careful with the rapidly increasing cases of fraud across the country. Apart from this, you never have to save the information related to your account in mobile.

If you have saved your OTP (One Time Password), PIN Number, CVV of Debit or Credit Card or ATM details, then delete it immediately… otherwise your account may become empty.

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SBI has said that customers should not make such a mistake at all, which may empty their bank account. Giving information, the bank said that never save your bank account and online banking details on the phone.

Never save these numbers in the phone
The bank has said that keeping bank account number, password, ATM card number or even by taking a picture of it, there is a risk of your information being leaked. Along with this, your account can also be completely empty.

Do not share ATM card with anyone
Apart from this, customers should also not share their ATM card with anyone else. By doing this your card information can be leaked and anyone can easily fraud with you.

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Do not use public internet
According to State Bank, all the customers of the country should keep in mind that you should not use the public internet to do money transactions. There is always a fear of your personal information being leaked in this.

Let us tell you that the bank never asks you for sensitive information like User ID, PIN, Password, CVV, OTP, VPA (UPI) by calling or SMS. If you get any such phone call, then be careful and do not share any information with anyone.

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