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They say, The stars scatter the most light only in the dark night. The continuous waves of Kovid-19 may have had a deep economic and emotional impact on the country. At the same time, it has also helped to unleash our vast reservoir of compassion and resilience. It is also included in India’s biggest awareness campaign, Network18 Sanjeevani – A Shot Of Life, a CSR initiative of Federal Bank Limited. It has successfully organized a National Movement for Health and Immunity and empowered the common Indian to go higher in his endeavor to keep his community healthy.

rise to challenges
Take the example of Ashpak Sheikh of Nashik. By the time the Sanjeevani campaign reached this village, one of the most affected districts of Maharashtra, Ashpak had got the nickname of ‘108 Helpline Assistant’. It was always because of his desire to help people that he has helped 300 patients find beds during the second wave. With the help of the Sanjeevani on-ground team, he is now taking steps to keep his community safe, educating people about the vaccine and getting them registered for vaccination.

Of course, in an environment of misinformation and mistrust, walking on the right path is a courageous act in itself. Ask Jaskaran from Ballarwas village in Amritsar district, who out of fear of social stigma and boycott got herself and her mother vaccinated. The presence of the Sanjeevani team on the ground further strengthened his arguments for health and immunity – he even arranged for an unbelieving neighbor to be vaccinated.

the help we need
Such strong decision-making is common in areas of the country that have better facilities, but what about those who are forgotten in our healthcare setup or where healthcare facilities are negligible? The story of Manohar and his family from rural Dakshina Kannada tells the story of the struggle they faced, especially during times of crisis. His plan to vaccinate his elderly parents did not materialize due to the state’s lockdown and lack of health facilities in the surrounding areas. When it felt that they could no longer be vaccinated, the Sanjeevani Abhiyan came to their rescue, informing families about the vaccine and helping them travel to the vaccine centre.

Similarly, Ramadu of Guntur’s Kavuru village had very little knowledge about what COVID-19 is before the Sanjeevani vehicle arrived. Through informative videos that circulated on the side of the van, he became aware of the importance of proper COVID-19 treatment and vaccination.

Conscious people like Pratibha Bhadauria of Sanwer village in Indore sometimes automatically become ambassadors of health and wellness. Pratibha is an activist associated with the famous ASHA NGO, who did a lot to spread awareness about Kovid-19 and dispel the myth related to vaccination. The Sanjeevani Abhiyan further intensified his efforts to protect his community.

Each one of these stories represents victory, highlighting the importance of power of action for a bright future. You can watch these stories of Sanjeevani come to life in a special feature aired on all Network18 TV and digital channels. Remember to tune in and join India’s struggle for health and wellness.

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