Nirav Modi Says Extradition To India Would Worsen Suicidal Feelings check why varpat– News18 Hindi

New Delhi. Diamond businessman Nirav Modi, accused of a scam with the bank, said on Wednesday that his extradition from the UK could make his condition like committing suicide, citing the poor condition of prisons in India. Modi’s lawyer said that due to shortage of doctors and overcrowding, there is a delay in taking prisoners to the hospital when needed.

‘There should be no extradition’
He also informed about the threat to Modi’s mental health. The lawyer said that if Nirav Modi is extradited, then there could be a situation like committing suicide for him. Because of this extradition should not happen. Modi informed about the deplorable situation in Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai. His lawyer told that private consultation with a doctor was never allowed in Arthur Road Jail. He said that Modi’s mental condition was not strong and due to increased pressure, he could become mentally ill.

‘Corona is increasing in Maharashtra’
In his appeal against extradition, Modi has said, “Corona is increasing in Maharashtra and this jail has also been affected. The condition of health facilities has become very bad.” Modi has filed a new appeal after losing in the first phase of appeal against extradition in the UK High Court. Modi is accused of scam of billions of rupees with Punjab National Bank. Britain’s Home Secretary Priti Patel had ordered the extradition of Modi.

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