Violence erupts in Haiti ahead of President Jovenel Moise’s funeral

Quarter-Morin. Hundreds of workers fled their jobs after demonstrations turned violent near Haiti’s hometown ahead of the funeral of late Haiti President Jovenel Moise. Associated Press reporters saw a man’s body on Wednesday. Witnesses said he was shot in the community of Quarter-Morin, which is located near Trou-du-Nord where Moise grew up.

Roads were barricaded, cars were temporarily barred from entering or exiting, and a plume of black smoke was seen in the sky nearby. Several workers were seen running on the main road connecting Quarter-Morin with Cap-Haitian. A series of events are to be held in the Cap-Haitian city in honor of Moise’s funeral on Friday. Those fleeing said they saw armed men burning tires and demanding justice for Moises. This is the first violent demonstration in the country since Moises was shot dead at his private home. These demonstrations are taking place at a time when Ariel Henry was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of the country a day earlier.

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Jovenel’s wife Martin Moise appeared in public for the first time since returning to Haiti on Saturday in the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince. He was being treated at a hospital in Miami after being injured in the June 7 attack. Authorities said at least 26 suspects were arrested in connection with the murder investigation, including 18 former Colombian soldiers and three Haiti police officers. Police Chief Leon Charles said on Tuesday that at least seven top police officers have been kept in isolation but have not been formally arrested.

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