Fierce bloodshed in Ecuadorian prison, 18 prisoners killed in fighting, many injured

Quito. 18 prisoners have lost their lives in bloodshed between prisoners in two different prisons of Ecuador. It is being told that after this terrible fight between two groups inside the jail, there was an atmosphere of chaos. On Thursday, officials here informed that 18 were killed and several inmates were injured in a fight between gangs of prisoners in two Ecuadorian prisons.

Violence erupted on Wednesday at Guayaquil and Latacunga prisons in central Ecuador, according to prison officials. Nine police officers and 35 prisoners were injured in the fighting. The police have regained control over the jail. Police said on Twitter that inmates tried to escape from Latakunga Jail, but 45 inmates were recaptured.

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Let us tell you that earlier in June, two were killed and 11 prisoners were injured in a fight between gangs in a prison in Ecuador. Earlier in February this year, about 80 prisoners were killed in a fighting in an Ecuadorian prison. At that time it was told in some media reports that the help of 800 security personnel was taken to control the violence in the jail.

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It was learned that two groups were trying to dominate the prison, while police officials launched a campaign against the weapons concealed in the jail. After this there was a clash between the two groups. Such bloody clashes often take place in Ecuadorian prisons. It is said that criminal organizations are behind these clashes, who try to establish their dominance inside the jail. (agency input)

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