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Ways To Reduce Weight Fast : Reducing weight is very important. If the weight is not reduced, then you may soon fall prey to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney etc. In such a situation, to reduce the increased weight, it is very important that it should be done in a healthy way. Experts say that if the weight is not managed in a healthy way, then it can cause many diseases. . We can reduce weight by making changes in our lifestyle and eating habits. So let’s know how we can reduce weight scientifically.

1. Have High Protein for Breakfast

If you consume high protein in breakfast, then it can prove to be effective in reducing your weight. According to research published in the US National Institutes of Health, the body has to expend more calories to digest protein than carbohydrates. According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, if the amount of protein is increased by 25 percent of the total calories consumed throughout the day, then the desire for hunger decreases by 60 percent.

2. Increase Fiber Intake

Eat more and more fiber rich food in food. Like lentils, beans, green vegetables etc. They are high in protein and fiber and have a low calorie intake, which reduces appetite. Because of which we do not overeating and weight starts decreasing.

3. Get plenty of sleep

If you are getting less sleep at night, then it may be that this is the biggest reason for your hunger. In fact, when you sleep less, the production of the appetite-reducing hormone leptin decreases and the hunger hormone ie ghrelin increases. According to a research, if a person takes only 5 hours of sleep for a week, then his weight can increase by one kilo.
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4. Eat Easy

In fact, when we eat food, it takes about 20 minutes for the signal of the hormone ghrelin to digest it and the hormone that controls appetite to reach the brain. In such a situation, if you eat fast, you consume a lot of calories before the signal reaches the brain.

5. Stay away from sweet things

If you consume sweet drinks like soda, cola, fruit punch, energy drinks or eat more sweets every day, then it makes the calorie intake very high in the body, which is not easy to burn. (Disclaimer: Given in this article) The information and information given is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the concerned expert before implementing these.

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