These rules related to everyday will change from August 1, there will be a direct effect on the common man

New Delhi. There is going to be a change in the rules related to your life from August 1. ICICI Bank and Reserve Bank of India are about to change their rules. Apart from this, new prices of LPG will also be released from August 1, this directly affects the budget of your household. Let us know which rules are going to change from August 1.

1. These rules will change for ICICI Bank
Actually, the country’s largest private bank is going to make many big changes from August 1. Withdrawing cash from the bank’s ATM is going to be expensive from August 1. Along with this, the rules of check book are also going to change. ICICI provides 4 free transaction service to its customers. After withdrawing money 4 times, you will have to pay a charge.

ICICI Bank gives 4 cash transactions free every month for regular savings account. 150 rupees will have to be paid on every transaction after the free limit.

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>> From August, ICICI Bank customers can withdraw up to Rs 1 lakh from their home branch.
>> If more than this, you will have to pay Rs 5 per 1,000.
>> There is no charge for withdrawing cash up to Rs 25,000 per day for withdrawing money from branches other than the home branch.
>> After that, after withdrawing 1000 rupees, 5 rupees will have to be paid.

check book will be charged so much
>> 25 page check book will be free.
>> After this you will have to pay 20 rupees per 10 pages for additional check book.

2. Salary will be available on Bank Holiday from August 1
From 2021, even if there is a Sunday or any other bank holiday, the payment of your salary, pension, dividend and interest will not stop, that is, the payment of salary and pension will be done on the due date. Actually, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced that the National Automated Clearing House (NACH) will be available seven days a week. Payment of bulk payments like salary, pension, interest, dividend etc. is done through NACH operated by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). From August 1, companies will be able to transfer the salary anytime, due to the facility of NACH 7 days 24 hours.

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3. New prices of cylinders will be released
There will be a change in the prices of LPG cylinders from August 1. New prices of domestic LPG and commercial cylinders are fixed on the first of every month.

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