Coronavirus: China refuses to conduct lab audit, WHO seeks world’s help

Geneva. Where did Corona, which has been causing havoc all over the world since last year, come from? Is it originated from Wuhan Lab in China or is it a naturally occurring virus? Efforts are on to find answers to these questions from last year itself. The World Health Organization (WHO) team wants to audit China’s Wuhan lab to find out the coronavirus, but China has refused any audit, taking a tough stand. In view of China’s stand, WHO has now sought help from countries around the world.

In order to detect the rapidly spreading corona virus around the world, the World Health Organization has
Appealed to America, Britain and other developed and developing countries to unite. Let us tell you that the first case of corona came in Wuhan, China. After this the virus engulfed the whole world. Countries around the world have been demanding for a long time to trace the origin of the virus. In the initial days, under the pressure of China, the WHO used to insult the soft stand in this matter.

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After global pressure, now WHO wants to audit China’s lab, so China has refused any kind of investigation. After seeing this stand of China, WHO spokesman Tariq Jesarvik said, this is not a matter of politics or counter-accusation. We are trying to find out where the virus has come from and what is the intention behind such a huge devastation.

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He said, it is our responsibility to cooperate unitedly to find out the cause and origin of such a great destruction of mankind. He has once again asked all developed and developing countries to unite and raise their voice to put pressure on China.

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