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New Delhi. You also keep thinking about earning big money sitting at home.. So today we are telling you about a great plan (Business Idea). Where you will be able to earn money from home every day sitting at home. Let us tell you that nowadays the new super food microgreen is in great demand. Its demand has increased during the Corona period because people are focusing more on nutrition. Let us tell you that it contains about 40 times more nutrition than fruits and vegetables. So suddenly its demand has increased in the market. Some people are earning lakhs of rupees every month by starting its business. Let’s know about it…

What is Microgreen?(Microgreen Farming)
The initial leaves of any plant are called microgreens. You can think of it as microgreens young vegetables. For example, the initial leaves of the seeds of radish, mustard, moong and other things are called microgreens. It is about 2-3 inches long. Let us tell that as soon as these leaves come in the beginning, in the same way it is cut from the ground or slightly above the surface. Let us tell you that it is so beneficial for health that if you consume only 50 grams of microgreens every day, then all the nutritional deficiencies in you will go away.

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How to Cultivate Microgreens? (How to do Microgreen Farming)
It is very easy to cultivate microgreens. Anyone can start it anywhere. You can grow it from your balcony to your bedroom. For this, soil or coco peat, organic manure or homemade fertilizers, trays and seeds are needed. It is necessary to protect this crop from strong sunlight. Light sprinkling of water will have to be done every day and then these plants will start growing in a few days.

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Know how to earn?
Let us tell you that you will have to spend a lot in setting up Microgreen Farming. This can be a way of earning better at less cost. You can earn good money in two to three weeks. You can sell this plant in 5 star hotels, cafes, supermarkets for earning. Where you will get the price in lakhs. You can do this as a B2B business. Where you have to supply microgreens only in hotels and cafes. If you want, you can increase your business by opening a shop.

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