Good News! There may be a big increase in the salary of the employees next year, know why?

New Delhi. Many people have lost their jobs during the Corona period, while there are many who have to face severe cuts in salary. But the coming year is going to prove to be good for the people. Actually, in the next financial year 2022-23, you can see a big increase in your salary. The companies of the country are now slowly recovering from the impact of the lockdown and the supply of applicants is less as per the requirement, due to which the salary of the employees can be increased.

Salary may increase by 8 percent
According to Michael Page and Aon Plc, if the third wave of corona remains under control, the salary of employees can increase by about 8% in the financial year starting April 2022. Which is much higher than the estimates of 6-8 per cent of the surveys for the current financial year.

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Economic growth expected to improve
Let us tell you that India has historically always recorded the highest growth in the whole of Asia. According to the report, this trend is expected to continue for the next two years. But in recent years, it has registered a decline due to the increase in inflation. Especially, during the Corona epidemic, the prices of everyday goods have increased once again. However, this has been attributed to short-term supply issues.

Hike will be seen in these areas
Sectors such as e-commerce, pharmaceutical, IT and financial services have already offered to hike salaries. According to Rupank Choudhary, Chief Commercial Officer for India and South Asia at Aon Plc, the salary increase is expected due to less availability of skilled labor for the organized sector.

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