India made a big jump in trade facilitation ranking, ahead of France and Britain

New Delhi. India’s Trade Facilitation Ranking has improved due to the reforms carried out by various departments under the Central Board of Indirect Taxes ie CBIC, especially the Customs Department. The Finance Ministry said in a statement that India’s position has improved significantly in the United Nations’ Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation.

According to the statement, India secured 90.32 per cent marks in the latest survey, compared to 78.49 per cent in the previous year 2019. After evaluating 143 economies around the world, India’s position in the 2021 survey improved in many respects including transparency, institutional arrangements and cooperation, paperless trade.

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India’s ranking is better than many countries like France, UK, Canada, Norway, Finland etc.
The survey said that India performed better than South and South West Asia region and Asia Pacific region. The statement said that India’s ranking was found to be better than many OECD countries like France, UK, Canada, Norway, Finland etc.

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Impact of CBIC’s reforms on ranking
The Finance Ministry said that the CBIC has introduced a personless, paperless and contactless customs framework through a series of reforms. It is noteworthy that the Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation is conducted by UNESCAP every two years.

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