Yoga Session: Body will remain active, increased belly will reduce, do this exercise

Yoga Session: In today’s live yoga session, many yogasanas that keep the body active and reduce obesity were taught. It was told that small yoga exercises increase the strength of the body. At the same time, they are also very effective for strengthening Thai muscles. Today’s continuous practice of yoga reduces the effect of age. Apart from this, eyesight increases and premature graying of hair stops. At the same time, blood circulation also remains better. Apart from this, yoga also has an important role in maintaining immunity. Also, while practicing yoga, keep in mind that they should be done slowly. Before exercising, keep these three rules in mind that take good deep long breaths, follow the pace and do yoga according to your ability.

Engine race: Engine race is like yoga-steam engine. Just as the steam engine makes the sound of chuck chuck while running, similarly the sound of breath comes out while doing this action. In this, the hands and feet have to move like a valet. Now let’s talk about the benefits of this action. Lungs are developed by engine action. Fresh air enters the lungs. Apart from this, the nadis also develop very rapidly. By doing this action regularly, the face becomes radiant. Engine Kriya is considered a good yoga to remove obesity. By doing this, the fat of the stomach, waist, thighs etc. starts reducing. This action greatly benefits the people who practice running.

Stretching Exercises: Stretching exercise maintains flexibility in the body. Due to this, the joints of the body work properly and there is no problem during yoga action.

Cervical power developmental action (cervical power posture):
To do this yoga kriya, stand in your place. Those who are unable to perform this action while standing can also do it sitting. Those who cannot sit on the ground can also practice it by sitting on a chair.

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Standing in a comfortable position, rest the hands on the waist. Keep the body loose.

Keep the shoulders completely relaxed. While exhaling, bring the neck forward.

Try to lock the chin. People who have problems with cervical or neck pain, leave the neck loose and do not lock the chin.

After this, while inhaling, take the neck backwards.

Plank Pose:
By doing plank, your metabolism is very good. If you practice plank pose regularly then your weight will reduce rapidly. By doing plank, there is a lot of flexibility in the body. This also stretches the collarbone, shoulder muscles. This burns calories very fast. By burning more calories, the body’s need for oxygen is met very well and nutrients are also well received.

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