40 percent of people around the world want to buy their next car electric! Know what is the attitude of Indians

New Delhi. In the coming future, the automobile sector is definitely of electric cars. The way its trend is increasing all over the world. Along with this, due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel in India, people are showing interest in electric cars here too. One of the major reasons for the worldwide growth in electric cars is probably that now, more electric vehicles are on sale than ever before, with more models ready to hit the roads from almost every automaker in the immediate future. Huh. So if the question is asked that when the intentions of buying electric vehicles are increasing all over the world, then how many people will be there in today’s date who are thinking that their next vehicle will be electric. The answer is found in a recent study conducted by a consultancy firm, EY. According to which more than 40 percent of motorists are now considering switching to an electric vehicle while making their next purchase.

The study was conducted by consulting firm EY among over 9,000 motorists in 13 countries (Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom).

65% people in India still want to buy petrol/diesel car

While one in two motorists worldwide is still planning to choose a combustion engine car for their next vehicle purchase. With 41 per cent already planning to switch to 100% electric or hybrid models, and 2 per cent may opt for a hydrogen-powered car. But the results can vary greatly from country to country. While the majority of people in Italy (63%), South Korea (56%), Singapore (55%) and China (51%) would like to buy electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles in the near future, other countries including Australia (75 %), India (65%) and Canada (59%) would like to continue buying cars powered by petrol or diesel.

Because of this, the demand for electric cars is increasing worldwide.

The main reasons driving drivers to go electric are environmental protection (49%), as well as available financial incentives (29%), range (28%) and available charging infrastructure (28%). Unsurprisingly, the biggest concern of drivers is the cost of ownership (50%). Note that one of the most important measures of the Green Deal unveiled by the European Commission relates to an obligation for manufacturers to stop production of new engine vehicles by 2035. In fact, in Europe and elsewhere, today’s skeptics will have little choice but to switch to electric in the coming years.

(with inputs from AFP Relaxnews)

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