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New Delhi. If you need money, now you can easily withdraw 1 lakh rupees from your PF account in an hour at any time. Actually, in view of the need of money during the Corona crisis, EPFO ​​has started a new facility for the subscribers. Now you can withdraw one lakh rupees from your Employees Provident Fund (EPF) from Advance PF Balance. You can withdraw this money in the time of any kind of medical emergency. You have to show the cost to take advantage of this service.

EPFO issued a circular stating that employees can be withdrawn for medical advance up to Rs 1 lakh. Money can be withdrawn from PF on admission to hospital in emergency in diseases other than coronavirus.

Learn what to do?
Earlier, EPFO ​​can withdraw money from EPF at the time of medical emergency. You used to get this after depositing the medical bill but this medical advance is different from the earlier service. You do not have to pay any bills in this. All you have to do is apply and the money will be transferred to your account.

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Learn how to withdraw money
– On the home page of www.epfindia.gov.in website, under the COVID-19 tab, in the upper right corner, advance claim can be taken.
– Go to Online Services >> Claim (Form-31,19,10C & 10D)
– Enter and verify the last 4 digits of your bank account.
Click on Proceed for Online Claim.
Select PF Advance from the drop down (Form 31)
– Choose your reason. Enter the required amount and upload the scanned copy of the check and enter your address.
Click on Get Aadhaar OTP and type OTP received on Aadhaar linked mobile.
Your claim has been filed.

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