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(Dr. Rameshwar Dayal)

You must have heard the name of Khurchan made from milk and mawa, but nowadays it is difficult to get pure Khurchan. For this, today you take such a shop in Old Delhi which is famous for Khurchan and Rabri. Khurchan and Rabri are being sold in this shop since before independence. By the way, more sweets are available at this shop from the confluence of milk-mawa-khoya, but once you eat rabri, your heart will become a garden. So pure and traditional sweets packed in dry fruits, you hardly get to eat anywhere in Delhi.

It takes maximum time to make khurchan, natural (sugar-free) is also available
We are talking about the famous ‘Hazari Lal Khurchan Wale’ present in Kinari Bazar located in Old Delhi. Fresh sweets are prepared every day at this small shop. There are many sweets, but the taste is only of Khurchan and Rabri. If you come out from in front of this shop, you will feel the fragrance of confectionery made from milk and desi ghee. Understand that Hazari Lal Khurchan’s shop is nearby. Let’s talk about scratch first. All the workmanship is done by the confectioners of the shop only after boiling the milk that comes to this shop every day. Various types of confectionery are prepared by boiling milk for hours, making its mawa, in which maximum time is spent in making khurchan.

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After hours of hard work, when the khurchan, which is prepared in limited quantity every day, is ready, then it does not feel like eating without eating. The cost of this scraper is Rs 680 per kg. It is available in the shop for Rs 70, which weighs a little more than 100 grams. When you eat this scraper, you will not be able to leave even a single grain in both. This thick scraping captivates everyone’s mind. Natural Khurchan is also available at this shop, which can be called Faki (Sugar Free). That is, sugar is not used at all in it. But the taste of condensed milk gives a slight sweetness.

There is Rabri, Malai Laddu, Malpua, Kalakand and many more
Rabri of this shop is also very famous. It is a little thinner than Khurchan, but the taste is amazing. Its price is Rs 660 per kg. It is up to your wish whether you consume it in two or pack full kilogram of rabri and take it for your family. By the way, the sweets that you get at this shop will captivate your heart. These include Malai Laddu, Malpua, Malai Roll, Kalakand, Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun, Gheya Barfi etc. In addition to milk-mawa, desi ghee is used in preparing all these. The cost of all these dishes is around 600 to 700 rupees. Bottled almond milk is also available at the shop, which costs Rs 50. If you go to the shop, there will be more people who eat Khurchan and Rabri. The rest of the sweets are packed and taken away by people.

Khurchan being sold for almost 111 years, fourth generation also entered the field
This old shop is also at a historical place. When you enter Dariba Kalan from Chandni Chowk market, you will see the shop leaving some shops as soon as you enter the kinari market on the inside right. In this khurchan shop, now the fourth generation is giving the taste of sweets to the people. About 111 years ago, Gaurishankar came from Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh and started selling Khurchan and Rabri. After that his son Hazari Lal Jain took over this shop and increased the variety of sweets. This work was carried forward by his son Sunil Kumar Jain. Now son Aman is also looking after the work of the shop with him.

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He says that earlier milk was imported daily from UP. Later, milk was bought from well-known companies to maintain the quality of milk and to maintain the credibility of the shop. Milk is bought everyday, fresh sweets are made everyday. For years this tradition is going on even today. Packing facility is available in the shop. If you want more goods, you have to order first. The shop opens early in the morning, but the goods start coming at 11 am. These sweets can be enjoyed till 10 pm. There is no holiday. Simply, the shop opens on Sundays after noon.
Nearest Metro Station: Red Fort

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