21% increase in corona deaths in the world, 8 percent jump in new cases

Geneva. Coronavirus Cases have started increasing once again in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a 21 percent increase has been registered in deaths from corona worldwide in the last week. There has also been an increase of 8 percent in Kovid-19 cases worldwide. After this, more than 19.60 crore people in the world have been infected with corona.

According to the Worldometer, the corona report of 5 lakh 77 thousand 348 people worldwide came positive on Tuesday. During this, 4 lakh 46 thousand 507 patients defeated the corona and 9,460 patients also died due to infection. At the same time, after the resurgence of corona cases in the US, wearing masks has once again been made mandatory for people who have taken both doses of the vaccine in high-risk areas. This decision has been taken in view of the danger of Delta variants.

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More deaths in these countries
The World Health Organization said that the number of deaths from corona has increased in all regions except Europe. America, Brazil, Indonesia, Britain and India are included in this. The World Health Organization warned that if this trend continues, the number of reported cases could exceed 200 million in the next two weeks.

America ahead in total deaths
So far more than 41.69 lakh people have died due to corona worldwide. According to John Hopkins University of America, the pace of corona infection in America has accelerated again. Here the number of infected has exceeded 3.51 crore and more than 6.2 lakh people have died.

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India at number two in total deaths
India ranks second in terms of total corona infected and third in terms of total dead. The number of corona infected in India is 3,13,71,901, then the death toll has gone up to 4,20,551. Brazil is now in third place in terms of infected, while in second place with about 5.48 lakh deaths.

How many cases in the world now?
So far more than 19.60 crore people in the world have been infected with the corona virus. Of these, 41.93 lakh people have died, while 17.76 crore people have defeated Corona. At present, 1.41 crore people are being treated.

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