Gehana Vashistha said after the FIR was registered- ‘All those who spread filth have become victims’

Mumbai. Gehana Vasisth’s statement has come to the fore after an FIR was registered in the pornography case at Malvani Police Station in Mumbai. She told through a video, ‘I am speaking in support of Raj Kundra, so a case has been registered against me. I have been deliberately implicated. My name is being deliberately taken in the FIR. Where was this victim wood for 5 months, when I was arrested by the crime branch. Why didn’t it come to the fore at that time.’

Gehna further said, ‘Those who are spreading dirt, they have all become victims, they are neither being checked who they are, nor their past work is being seen, just those people They are saying that Raj Kundra brought him in adult industry, Raj Kundra did wrong with him, Gehna did wrong… and FIR is being made considering his allegations as evidence, but those who are really fighting, try They are doing that proofs should be given from the front… they are taking the contact numbers of the people. FIRs are being registered against them.

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She said, ‘Let me tell you the truth, the day I was arrested, the day these people broke into my house, when they had taken me prisoner inside the house. Then I gave them the numbers of all the heroines, production people and locations, from the front. If possible, check the paper which I had given by writing with my own hands or ask anyone, we have not done any coercion with anyone. Now these people are calling those girls and saying that you should file a case against Gehna, you should file a case against Raj Kundra, then some of them agree or they have been threatened that you will either be made an accused. ‘If you don’t become a victim, then either we will trouble you.’

Jewel said, ‘So finally I Raj Kundra I am supporting this, I am bringing all the facts in front of the world, I am trying that the whole world should know the truth and they have to shut my mouth in some way, they have to try their best that I do not interact with the media. I can I can’t tell the truth to people. Democracy should not run here, only Dictatorship should run, because of this an FIR has been lodged against me, so that pick me up and put me inside, so that I could not miss a chance to speak.

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