High court reprimanded Uttarakhand government for not following SOP at tourist places, sought answer

Nainital. During the Corona period, the Uttarakhand High Court has banned the Char Dham Yatra till August 18. Hearing the petition of Corona Virus, the Chief Justice has sought a report from the government on all the medical staff including nurse ward boys in government hospitals of the state. The court has asked what steps have been taken so far to fill these posts. At the same time, for the vaccine to the differently-abled, the court has ordered all the District Magistrates (DMs) to go home and vaccinate them.

The court has ordered to file an affidavit on the condition of ambulances in government hospitals as well as to the health secretary on medical facilities across the state. The court said that the government should reconsider the decision to reserve 25 percent beds in state hospitals for the poor. During the hearing, the court reprimanded the government for crowd gathering at tourist places, saying that SOP is not being followed at tourist places including Nainital, and 50 percent rule is being violated in hotels and restaurants. .

The court said in its remarks that the number of tourists who are being allowed to come to Nainital, if the government makes them follow six feet distance from them, then the crowd will go till Kaushani. Expressing concern, the court said whether the DM is going to the field to get the SOPs followed.

Let us inform that the Nainital High Court is hearing many petitions related to corona infection including Sachidanand Dabral, Dushyant, Mainali. The court is also expressing concern about the third wave of Corona. However, on Wednesday, the High Court asked the government to file its reply on all other facilities including ward, medicine for children.

Uttarakhand High Court gave these instructions

1. Give details of the status of pediatric wards and pediatric ventilators in government hospitals by the next date.

2. How many posts of nurses, ward boys, etc. Support staff are vacant in government hospitals in the state, and what is the process being run in relation to their recruitment. Give details of the steps taken in this regard.

3. What is the situation in relation to the Delta Plus variant in the state, and what are the results in relation to the 300 samples that were sent in the past. Give details of the precautions that have been taken in this regard.

4. An announcement has been made about increasing the stipend to the intern doctors but it should be implemented before the next date. Also, the honorarium of those people should be provided on time every month.

5. The provisions of Anti Spitting and Anti Littering Act 2016 are already in force in the state, they should be strictly complied with.

6. The number of vaccination centers in the state should be increased. For those who have doubts about vaccination and have some superstition, the state government should do proper publicity to clear the confusion.

7. All the differently-abled people in the state who are not in a position to even go to the vaccination center located near their home, so that they can get the vaccine at home, so that the district magistrates of all the districts should make such arrangements.

8. Proper arrangements should be made for the vaccination for the differently-abled in the state and the District Magistrate will disseminate information about where their camps etc. will be held. In such camps, full care should be taken of the facilities of the differently-abled.

9. The state government had reserved 25 percent beds for the weaker section in hospitals, but the said order has been withdrawn on July 25. The court has asked the state government to reconsider its decision.

10. The court has called for an audit report regarding the status, facilities and capacity of ambulances available in all government hospitals located in the state.

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