If the trolley bag has become dirty then make it like new in these ways

Tips to Clean Trolley Bag: For some reason or the other, people often have to travel. For which luggage is needed. Most of the people now use trolley bags to carry this luggage, as it makes the journey easy to a great extent. But when it gets dirty after using it many times, people still do not pay attention to its cleanliness. Because they find cleaning it very difficult task. So let us help you to make this task easy. Today we tell you how to clean the trolley bag with ease at home, let us know.

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Take help of salt and warm water

You can use salt and water to clean the trolley. For this, first heat about two-three glasses of water in a vessel. Then add two-three teaspoons of salt to it and mix it well in water. Now dip a cotton cloth in this water and squeeze it lightly. Then clean the trolley bag with this cloth. After cleaning the bag, keep the bag in the sun for some time. If there is no sunlight, then you can also keep it in the air of the fan so that it dries well and moisture does not remain in it. The trolley bag will look like new.

Use White Vinegar or Wine

Sometimes, along with the dirt, mildew also develops on the bag. To clean it, you use white vinegar or wine. For this, you take a cup of vinegar or wine in a small vessel, then soak a cotton cloth in it and clean the trolley bag thoroughly with it. After this, keep the bag in the sun or fan air for some time. This will remove both dirt and mildew and the bag will look like new.

Detergent solution will work

To clean the trolley bag, you use a solution of water and detergent. For this, you heat one or two glasses of water, then add two spoons of detergent powder or liquid detergent to it. Now clean the bag with this solution with the help of a cotton cloth. Then let it dry for some time. The trolley bag will be completely clean.

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use caustic soda

You can take the help of caustic soda to clean the mess of the trolley bag. For this, make a solution by adding one spoon of caustic soda and one spoon of detergent powder in two-glass of water. Now dip a cotton cloth in this solution and squeeze it and clean the trolley bag with it. Rub this solution with light hands on the places where there are dark spots. After cleaning, let it dry for some time. The bag will be thoroughly cleaned.

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