There will be no relief from rain in Uttarakhand yet, tourism department made this appeal to tourists for the weekend

Dehradun. Keeping in mind the continuous rainfall in Uttarakhand and the forecast of the five-day weather bulletin of the Meteorological Department (IMD), the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Council (UTDB) has asked tourists visiting the state to avoid visiting water-logged places. appealed to escape. Apart from this, police force has been deployed at water tourist places to provide a safe environment to the tourists visiting Uttarakhand in monsoon.

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Center, Uttarakhand is not going to get relief from rain till July 30. At the same time, orange alert is going on in the state from 28 to 30 July. Even in the beginning of August, an orange alert of rain has been issued in some hilly areas of the state. In such a situation, the water level of tourist places with water is increasing due to heavy and continuous rains.

Dehradun District Tourism Officer (DTO) Jaspal Singh Chauhan told that due to continuous rains, there is a danger of rising water level in all the tourist places including Sahastradhara, Guchupani, Maldevta. It is an appeal to the tourists that before going to these places, make all the security arrangements and get complete information. Also, keep a distance from the river bank and do not go into the water in any situation, so that any trouble can be avoided. There is an appeal to the local residents along with tourists to avoid visiting these places for the next one week.

Due to incessant rains, the water level in Uttarakhand is rising. In view of this, Tourism Secretary Dilip Jawalkar says that according to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of heavy rain in the hill districts for the next one week. In such a situation, to avoid any problem, the tourists should gather complete information before going to the tourist places of hilly areas along with the watery places. The government is working continuously to provide a safe environment to the tourists.

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