Heavy rains worsened the situation in these border districts, Pithoragarh Heavy rains broke many roads increased trouble in many border districts– News18

Pithoragarh. This year the all-round effect of the sky disaster is being seen in the border districts. The situation is that while many areas are completely cut off from the rest of the world due to the closure of dozens of roads, trade is also being affected a lot due to the cutting of these areas. The work of vaccination is also being affected a lot. It is not easy to describe in words how terrible the rain is on the mountain.

In Pithoragarh this year, the rains have created many problems simultaneously. Due to incessant heavy rains, more than two dozen roads are closed in the district adjoining China and Nepal. Villagers are not only imprisoned in their areas due to the closure of roads, but it is also affecting the business a lot. The situation is such that after the lockdown, the closed roads have broken the back of the traders. Silence is often seen in the main markets. In fact, the market here is completely dependent on the rural areas. Pawan Joshi, the district president of the trade union, says that the first lockdown and after that the closed roads have dilute the condition of the traders. There is silence in the markets, business is half as compared to before.

Vaccination is also affecting

Due to the closure of most of the roads, business as well as vaccination are being affected, due to which neither health workers are able to reach far-flung areas on time, nor are they getting the vaccine. Important roads of the border connecting Darma and Beas Valley are closed for a month, due to which the crisis of essential commodities has also arisen in these areas. Alam is that even after lakhs of efforts of the administration, the situation is not being normalized. ADM Fincharam Chauhan says that all arrangements have been made to open the closed roads, but there have been heavy landslides in many roads, due to which problems are being faced.

CMO Harish Pant says that the Health Department has deployed its vehicles on both sides of the closed roads, through which the work of delivering the vaccine is being done. Still, the closure of the roads is causing problems. To say that the administration has also deployed helicopters in the border areas, but bad weather is becoming the biggest obstacle for air service. There is still one and a half months left for the rainy season to end. In such a situation, it is certain that the problems of the people will increase further.

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