Big news for these employees doing work from home, salary will be cut by 25 percent! Learn why?

New Delhi: Since the Corona epidemic, most companies across the country are getting employees to work from home. If you are also doing work from home then this is important news for you. The world’s giant Google has taken a big decision for the employees doing work from home. In this decision, the company said that the salary of the employees working from home can be deducted. If the employees working in Google choose to work from home instead of working in the office, then their salary can be deducted.

According to the news agency Reuters, all the employees who are doing permanent work from home have made a plan to cut their salary by 10 percent. In the US-based Silicon Valley, different types of experiments are being done on people working from home and in the office. Let us tell you that Facebook and Twitter have already cut the salary of employees.

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Salary is fixed on the basis of location
Giving information, a Google spokesperson said that Google’s package always depends on the location. According to each city, the salary of the employees is fixed, those who live in expensive cities, their salary is more and those who live in cheap cities, their salary is slightly less. After this decision of Google, many small companies have also started hiring on the basis of location.

How much salary can be cut?
The news agency Reuters reported that the employee who is an hour’s train away from New York. If she works from home, she will get 15 percent less salary than her partner who lives in New York.

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Apart from this, if Google employees start living in a less expensive city, then it is possible to cut their salary by up to 25 percent. At the same time, employees living in Seattle, Boston and San Francisco may have 5 and 10 percent reduction in salaries.

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