China shares video of Taliban using US military planes as toys

Kabul. It has been more than 10 days since American soldiers left Afghanistan. There is a constant discussion in the international media whether US President Joe Biden hastily evacuated his soldiers from there. It seems that China is also making fun of this decision of America. In fact, a Chinese government official has shared a video on social media, where Taliban fighters are using US Army ships for fun. Although he has not told about this video when it is from.

In this video of about 50 seconds, it can be seen that many warships of America are standing in tight condition. By tying a rope in the wings of these ships, it has been made a swing. In the video, three-four Taliban fighters are seen swinging. Along with this, the sounds of laughter are also coming. After the departure of American soldiers, there is no information about which city of Afghanistan this video was made.

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Tweeting the video, Chinese government official Zhao wrote, ‘Cemetery of empires and their war machines. The Taliban have converted their planes into swings and toys. This video of him is now going viral on social media.

where did american weapons go
In the last days i.e. on August 31, when American soldiers were going out of Afghanistan, many videos had surfaced at that time. It was seen that American soldiers are destroying their weapons and aircraft. However, after this there was also a news that the Taliban got a US ship repaired with the help of a former engineer from Afghanistan. Later this ship was also used by the Taliban.

China and Pakistan with Taliban
Meanwhile, China has started showing its colors as soon as America leaves Afghanistan. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has clearly said that it wants friendly relations with the Taliban. Pakistan on Friday expressed hope that the new interim government in Afghanistan led by the Taliban will bring “peace, security and stability” to the war-torn country and work towards meeting the humanitarian and developmental needs of the Afghan people.

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