Amazon assures zero tolerance in bribery allegation probe against india staff check details varpat

New Delhi. Lawyers for American e-commerce company Amazon have been accused of bribing Indian officials. Amazon’s statement comes amid allegations of allegedly bribing Indian officials. In this, the company made it clear that it is taking the allegations of bribery seriously and will take appropriate action against the culprits.
According to the news of the news agency ‘The Morning Context’, Amazon is taking this matter seriously. This website quoted sources as saying that the company has sent one of its senior legal representative Rahul Sundaram on leave in this matter.

Know what the company said?
The news agency has also tried to contact Sundaram regarding this matter but he flatly refused to talk. At the same time, according to the company’s spokesperson, Amazon cannot tolerate corruption at all, that is why these allegations have been taken seriously. Let us tell you that the Amazon whistleblower alleged that Indian lawyers have bribed the officials. After this the matter came to the fore.

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CAIT demands CBI inquiry
The business organization Federation of Indian Traders (CAIT) has demanded a CBI inquiry regarding this matter. CAIT has written a letter to Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal regarding the matter. CAT has demanded that the names of the officials related to this matter should be disclosed and strictest action should be taken against them. The organization said that there should be a fair and independent investigation into the matter.

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CAT’s National President BC Bharatia and National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal said that in the CBI investigation, there has been a demand to identify those officers and make their names public, who have worked contrary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement to end corruption. dared to do so. Such officers who are involved in this bribery scandal should be given the harshest punishment so that other officers do not dare to do so.

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