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Surjeet Lodhi Crusade Against Alcohol: If there is a passion to do something for social upliftment, then young age does not become a hindrance. A 17-year-old teenager living in Vidisha district in Madhya Pradesh has done a similar feat, whose echo has reached not only in the country but also abroad. In the past, she has been honored with the prestigious Diana Award (2021 Diana Award) for her successful campaign against alcoholism. Times Now According to the news of Surjeet, he has started a crusade against alcohol and is engaged in making people aware of education. Surjeet is no less than an inspiration for the children around. The Diana Award is given in memory of the late Princess Diana of Britain. Recently, Surjeet has been given this award in a virtual program. Before Surjeet, this award has been received by Champa Kumari and Neeraj Murmu of Jharkhand associated with Bal Mitra village.

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120 children sent to school
Surjeet hails from Saba, a tribal-dominated village of Ganjbasoda tehsil in Vidisha district. Surjeet started efforts to change the village from the age of 12. From the age of 15, Surjeet started playing an active role against alcoholism. Her efforts have worked to bring lasting change in the lives of children and women. In his village, he helped 120 children to get education and motivated them to go to school. Children did not go to school in Surjit’s village. Most of the men used to spend most of their earnings on alcohol. These men used to beat their wife and children under the influence of alcohol. Surjeet’s own story was no different. Surjit’s father was also often drunk. Often his mother and Surjeet himself used to become victims of his father’s violence. With his tireless efforts, Surjeet got five illegal liquor shops closed in the village.

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Campaigned against alcohol for two years
In collaboration with Bal Mitra Village run by Surjit Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCF), campaigned in 5 nearby villages. He added 410 children to his campaign. The Panchayat Parishad, women and children of Bhilaya and Sahwa villages also supported him in this work. He continued this campaign for two years and demanded financial assistance for the education and household expenses of the children. Surjeet contacted the village council and the district administration and sought help in closing five illegal liquor shops in the village. After two years on the basis of continuous campaign, five liquor shops were closed in 2019. In this way the sale of liquor was banned in the villages and women and children got freedom from physical and mental violence. Now the people of the village community are closely monitoring the consumption of alcohol. If a man commits violence to a child or a woman, strict action is taken against him.

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