Russia general election vladimir putin party won again amid allegations got 50 percent vote

Moscow. The United Russia (UR) party of President Vladimir Putin has once again won two-thirds of the seats in the Russian General Election. The UR party got nearly 50 per cent of the votes when the counting of votes was almost over late on Monday night. This is four per cent fewer votes than in 2016. The Communist Party got about 19 percent of the votes, 6 percent more than the last time.

68-year-old Vladimir Putin has been in power as the Prime Minister or President of Russia since 1999. He will still dominate the Kremlin before the next presidential election in 2024. Parliament has seen an eight percent increase in support for the Communist Party, which generally supports Putin’s initiative.

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There are allegations of record rigging in voting. The opposition Communist Party got only 20 percent of the votes. The ruling party had claimed victory on Sunday evening, hours before the end of the elections. The right-wing LDPR party came third with 7.56% of the vote, and the middle-wing Fair Russia Party came fourth with 7.38% of the vote. Due to Corona, this time voters were also given the option of e-voting.

Election rigging allegations
Prominent and outspoken critics of Putin were barred from taking part in this election. Critics made allegations of forced voting and ballot paper tampering and forgery, but the Election Commission rejected these claims. In this election, 20 percent of the candidates of the ruling party had to face defeat.

Video of bogus voting in polling stations goes viral
A viral video from the Russian election shows Putin supporters casting bogus votes in ballot boxes at polling stations. Navalny’s supporters allege that the number of election observers was reduced, while voting was dragged on for a long period of three days.

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Communist candidate in Yakutia equal to India
This time the Communist Party has won in Russia’s Far Eastern province of Yakutia. The Communist Party’s Petre Emusov has grabbed this seat from the Fair Russia party. Yakutia is the largest parliamentary constituency in the world. Its area is almost equal to that of India. (with agency input)

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