Cloth Hacks How to take care of clothes after pressing them

Cloth Hacks: During the Corona period, most of the work is being done at home as well. One of these is to press the clothes at home. Yes, during the epidemic, people are doing the press work at most of the houses themselves. Then whether it is a formal shirt or a salwar suit. Ironing work on all these clothes is being done at home. But the difficulty comes when even after we press, the crease of the clothes does not go away and all the folds are visible while coming out.

The folds not only spoil the look, but the clothes also look unpressed. In such a situation, keeping some things in mind, we can find a solution to this problem. So let us know what things we should keep in mind for the maintenance of clothes so that there are no unnecessary folds on the clothes.

1. Always use hangers

Whenever you wash your special clothes, wash them thoroughly and hang them in the hanger. By doing this, creases will not form on them and they will also look washed and clean. You will not even have to work hard while pressing.

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2. Take special care of soft clothes

Whenever you wash clothes, keep in mind that gently rub soft clothes. There are more folds on soft clothes. For example cotton, linen etc.

3. Wash a little

If you put too many clothes in the washing machine at once, they will get more tangled and they will have deep folds which will require more work in the press to remove them later.

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4. Using a dryer

Whenever you dry clothes, keep in mind that only a light dryer is used. If possible, spread them out in the sun and dry them by putting them in a hanger. This will minimize folds.

5. Hang

Hang the clothes you wear less in the cupboard.

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