Gratitude journal can change the perspective of life and enhance mental well being lak

Positives impacts of gratitude journal: For the last few years, the trend of Gratitude Journal has started increasing rapidly. Gratitude Journal is an exercise in which we write it in a diary to thank the positive things of the day. We complete many tasks in a day. Somebody helps us for this. We get pleasure from something, someone gives us love, someone likes our work, someone gets comfort from our words, someone gives us a gift, then we get pleasure from going somewhere, thank you for all this The style of payment is Gratitude Journal. This practice brings positivity in our thinking. Our mind remains full of joy throughout the day. Some studies show that it has a good effect on mental development as well as physical development. It can change the way we think about life.

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Benefits of Gratitude Journal
According to the NPR website, studies have found that practicing Gratitude Journal leads to better sleep and lower stress levels. Due to the Gratitude Journal, we communicate with others very well, this improves our interpersonal relationships.

Lifestyle blogger Aileen Xu explains that Gratitude Journal makes us very happy and we conquer the field of positive psychology, because it takes very little time and has many benefits.

An earlier study found that the Gratitude Journal reduced materialistic attitudes in adolescents and led them to be generous. Along with this, teenagers gave up eating junk food and started eating healthy.

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Gratitude Journal also reduces the risk of heart disease and in some people, symptoms of depression also stop showing.

New York-based actor Sam Khazai says, a daily dose of Gratitude in the morning revolutionizes the positivity of life. Gratitude has awakened my life, which I enjoy immensely.

How to Create a Gratitude Journal
Remember these things and put them in the diary

Give thanks for the best thing that happened in your life today.
Give thanks to whoever made you feel loved today.
Write down the things that made you happy, express gratitude to them.
-Thank you to those who helped you.
What was the best thing that happened to you today in job or college.
Show gratitude to some people who brought a smile to your face.
With whom did you spend the most time, thank them in the Gratitude Journal.
-Thank you also, which place got you more pleasure from going.
If you are religious and something has become a bad thing, then thank God.
Give thanks to the one who gave you the gift.
If there is any positive feeling in you, thank you for it.

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