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Different Blood Pressure Reading: Have you ever thought that the measurement of blood pressure can be different in both the hands. It may sound a bit surprising to hear, but it is true. Although there is a slight difference in the measurement of blood pressure of both the hands, then it does not make much difference, but if the difference is too much, then it can be an alarm bell. daily Mail According to the report of Dr. Martin Scurr, our body is designed in such a way that the measurement of the blood pressure of our right hand can be five points higher than that of the left hand. The blood flow in the right hand comes directly from the left artery. The aorta is the main artery of the body, which carries oxygenated blood from the heart. Before the blood reaches the left arm, blood flows towards the brain with the help of two main arteries. Only after the blood reaches the brain, it reaches other parts of the body. This is the reason why the pressure in the flow of blood to the left arm is reduced.

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Direct effect on kidney and heart
Dr. Martin Scher says, if there is a slight difference in the measurement of BP in both the hands, then it does not matter, but if it is high, then it can be a precursor to many diseases. Usually, the difference of 10 points in the BP of both the hands can be in 4 percent of the people, while 11 percent of the people are victims of high blood pressure. If the difference in BP is high, then it can be an early sign of kidney and heart failure. Kidney helps in controlling blood pressure. On the other hand, high blood pressure can increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood, which blocks the flow of blood in the arteries. This can reduce the flow of blood to the heart.

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signs of increased cholesterol
If the BP is very high in the left arm, it means that the cholesterol in the artery has become too much and it is ready to block the artery. Due to this blockage, the actual measurement of BP does not come. Usually the normal measurement of BP is 120/80, but now 130 is also considered normal. Dr Skar says, any kind of obstruction in the arteries increases the risk of heart attack and stroke manifold, so we should always keep cholesterol levels low.

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