Which part of delhi meerut expressway is getting weakened due to farmers dharna

New Delhi. A part of the Delhi-Meerut Expressway weakens due to the sit-in by farmers at the UP Gate for about 10 months. In this regard, the National Highways Authority of India has written a letter to the DMs of the respective districts expressing concern. In which it has been clarified that if any accident occurs in about 300 meters around the picket site, then NHAI will not be responsible for it.

NHAI Project Director Mudit Garg said that the road and bridge are not being maintained for ten months around the place where farmers are going on strike. Due to this, this part of the expressway may become weak. Apart from this, trees have grown there due to waterlogging in the rainy season. Those whose roots are going down in pillars and bearings, apart from this, tents and tents have been set up by hammering big nails. Because of this, this part can become weak.

On this matter, the Meerut Commissioner, Ghaziabad and the DM of Shastrinagar district of Delhi have been informed about the situation by writing a letter and said that if any accident occurs at the said place, then NHAI will not be responsible for it. He has appealed to shift the farmer movement to some other place.

The farmers agitating against the agricultural laws are sitting on a dharna on the Delhi border about 300 meters of the Delhi-Meerut Expressway in Ghazipur since 26 November 2020. The settlement is made of tents and tents. For this, potholes have been made in the road. The road was filled with water in the rain. Due to this, the pillars and bearings of the bridge are also not being maintained. Generally, every six months or after the rains, the bridges are inspected, to find out the shortcomings in them, they are repaired.

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