New zealand abandoned zero covid strategies as highly infectious delta variant dominates

wellington. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said that her country is looking towards living with the corona virus, so the zero-covid strategy will be abandoned. In this way, New Zealand has joined the list of countries that have abandoned efforts to eliminate Kovid completely.

Cases of Delta Variant of Coronavirus are being reported rapidly in the country. Since the beginning of Corona, only less than 4500 corona cases have been reported in New Zealand and less than 30 people have died. This is among the lowest number of corona cases reported in any country (Covid in New Zealand) and dead. But then in August, a new corona outbreak was seen due to the delta variant of Corona.

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Because of this a long lockdown had to be implemented in Auckland. But even though the lockdown remained in force for six weeks, 24 new corona cases were reported, most of which were reported in Auckland itself.

Jacinda Ardern admitted that the virus is like a tent that is incredibly difficult to move. To date we have largely managed to control the outbreak, but as you can see with this outbreak and delta, getting back to zero covid is incredibly difficult.

He said, even because of the long duration of the restrictions, there has been no decline in infections. Ardern said that trying to live with the virus was always a step New Zealand was going to take. But the Delta variant has accelerated this change. However, Ardern did not say when the zero-covid strategy would be ended.

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According to the Ministry of Health of New Zealand, 49 percent of the country’s population has been fully vaccinated and 79 percent of the people have received the first dose. Speaking at the news conference, Ardern said, New Zealanders will need a vaccine certificate from early next month to attend public events such as concerts and other large gatherings. (with agency input)

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